Bookings Series On The Direct Sales Radio

Everyone wants more direct sales party plan bookings. The CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio is featuring a series of three bookings training events.

Direct Sales Bookings Radio Show #1

The first of the three hour long shows on bookings focuses on 4 lead generation systems and also how to step out of that restrictive comfort zone.

Listen to the radio show and get more bookings on your calendar!

Don’t miss the show airing on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday monthly then replaying every day in between!

Find Bookings In New Neighborhoods

It is important to always add new blood to your existing client base. Finding bookings in new neighborhoods is one way to do that.

Finding Business new Party Plan neighborhoods

Finding business requires a creative approach for party plan consultants. One way is to canvas the neighborhood looking for people who may like to attend a show. When you have a good sized list, then canvas the neighborhood and look for a hostess.

Watch a short video on finding new business in new neighborhoods.

Direct Sales Bookings University

The Direct Sales Bookings University is a FREE mini-webinar series sponsored by the CashFlowShow Website!

Profit For Business

Direct sales consultants must have bookings to show a profit. The number one concern of all direct sales party consultants is finding more business.

Join The Direct Sales Bookings University

Step Out Of Comfort Zone

When you step out of your comfort zone and join the Direct Sales Bookings University you will find motivation and home party bookings topics to grow your business.

Direct Sales Party Plan Bookings

The direct sales home party plan bookings University is the most comprehensive bookings training to hit the industry…. ever!!

Do you have the motivation necessary to take this awesome training event and be willing to show up and take action!? Don’t miss it!

You will never worry about where to find bookings again!


Customer Service Calls For Direct Sales Bookings

When you do customer service calls that focus on the customer instead of what you want, more direct sales bookings, you will achieve better success.

Direct Sales Customer Service Script For Bookings

When you do customer service calls do it for the purpose of providing service and you will get bookings.

A customer service script that focuses on serving the customer’s needs instead of serving the consultant will go a long way to creating a motivation for the hostess or customer to talk to you.

Turn Casual conversation Into Direct Sales Bookings

Direct sales consultants need more bookings. Learn how to turn a casual conversation into direct sales bookings and grow your business.

Turn Conversation Into Booking

Visit the CashFlowShow direct sales website to learn more tips and ideas about how to turn a casual conversation into a booking so that achieve business profit and success.

Having Trouble With Direct Sales Business Bookings At Your Show

If you are having trouble with direct sales business bookings then Deb Bixler has the solution for you! With over 500 pages of good bookings tips the CashFlowShow Direct Sales BOOKINGS section has unlimited tips and ideas for you.

Direct Sales Bookings Tip

There is an UNLIMITED supply of bookings and you just need to know how to get them! Get more Direct Sales BOOKINGS at the CashFlowShow website.